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A Tyrell in Winterfell

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As she opened her eyes, she felt the cold envelop her. She was lying alone in bed with the blanket pooled at her feet, leaving her naked as her nameday. The room was dark and a bit lifeless and dull. The only light came from a window pane that gave the overall atmosphere of the room an eerie feel to it. Everything looked different, the walls were granite unlike the marble ones back home. No wall decorations or even bits of trappings except for a painted direwolf above their spacious bed.

She decided to get up and get dressed. She gathered the rest of her discarded clothing on the floor and then tossed them inside a wicker basket in a corner. She opened her trunk which contained her personal belongings and her dresses. She chose a green dress lined with gold and embroidered with roses. Whatever they call her, she was still a Tyrell before a Stark.

Before setting out, she combed her hair and decided to wear it loose. It was unusually cold and she shivered, she eyed the grey fur cloak that was laid at the other side of the bed. It was a gift to fight off the cold – which she really need to get used to.

Winterfell was large. And grey. And solitary. And cold just like almost everyone living within it – they paid little or no attention to her at all like she was out of place. And yet they will suffer me all the same.” she thought when she recalled the events a day before.

After navigating the confusing corridors, she finally made her way to the great hall where breakfast was already served. Some of the plates were empty except the one at the head of the table where an auburn-haired man was seated.

He regarded her with a faint interest. She thought that his blue eyes were as cold his soul. Suddenly the fur cloak felt a lot heavier as she slowly made her way towards him. “I am a rose, and I’ll grow here despite the cold.” she thought determined as she neared him.

He stood up and smiled at her. “Good morning, Your Grace.” she greeted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Robb.” He said as the girl greeted him. “We are married now. No need for formalities.” he added as he pulled the chair for her. She seated with a confused face.

For the past few days, he was watching her. Studying her. Worrying that she might not be able to adjust to her new surroundings and to the weather. He had given her a fur cloak to help fight off the cold. “Why do southern maids must look so fragile?” he thought once.

He knows that she doesn’t like him that much and the feeling was mutual. But like it or not, she was worth the prize to secure the independence of the North.

“It’s been a long time since a Tyrell graced the halls of Winterfell.” he told her.

“I guess it is.” she said looking anywhere but at him.

Being married and all, they still couldn’t look at each other straight. “I hope you’re feeling well.” he told her when he spied that she looked pale.

“I am quite well.” she answered and her face colored slightly.

“Shall we eat?” He questioned.

“I thought you were already done.” she said.

“No. I told them that I will wait for you.” he answered shyly and her cheeks flushed a shade a red.

They went through the whole meal in silence, only interrupted when Grey Wind padded inside the hall and settled at his feet. She looked nervous by the presence of the large direwolf. There were glances shared but not a single word until, “Would you like to go for a walk outside?” he asked after they finished eating. “I’m going to the Winter Town, I thought I might get you acquainted with our people.”

She was clearly taken aback by the prospect for she stayed silent. “If you don’t want, it’s okay.” he said.

“No, that would be nice.” she said, her brown eyes giving off a hint of gladness. “I’ll just get my boots.” she added and offered him a warm smile, the first genuine smile.

After a few moments they were standing by the Keep’s huge oaken door. He held out his hand. “Are you ready My Lady?” he asked.

“Margaery.” she answered and took his hand in hers. A little gesture, but he thought they can start with that. They may not love each other just yet but he hoped that they will get there someday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

… and winter always yields to spring.

When I Met You

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